About Steve

Chief Executive, OHG Accommodation Steve Endacott – started out as commercial director of Airtours in 1991, before going on to be MD for Inspirations Holidays Ltd. Following this, Steve has held the position of Group MD for My Travel and Going Places and also set up Holidays by Phone and Click with Technology now named CWT Digital. Steve has worked within both corporate and entrepeneurial  environments, starting up the On Holiday Group (OHG) in 2004 in response to the dramatic move in the UK market towards Dynamically packaged Holidays.

Steve is well known for his outspoken views and willingness to challenge the establishment if he believes they are wrong. This Blog is a quick and easy way for him to share his views with a wider audience and all articles are writen by him personally.

As Steve says: “The point of a blog is to generate interaction… please do not abuse the site by reading and not joining in. All opinions are welcome and valid…. even if you are wrong!!”