Endacott gets “Nice and Cheap” with new Holiday Nights site.

The On Holiday Group’s new Holiday Nights site, built in conjunction with cutting edge technology partner RateGain, claims to have integrated 10 million user reviews into its holiday search process to allow customers to search by price and user review at the same time.

To illustrate this, and to add personality to the site, holidaynights have created cartoon couple, “Mrs Nice” and “Mr Cheap”. CEO Steve Endacott revealed the inspiration for the characters came from a brain storming session with staff and that the look of the characters are modelled on key members of the team – Sophie Manning (Social Networking Manager) and Steve Forbes (Design Consultant).

Endacott said, “What started as playful banter, turned into a great way of explaining the new search tools we were implementing. For example on the home page we have a price calendar with a slider illustrating the battle between Mrs Nice (who wants the best reviewed accommodation) and Mr Cheap (who just wants the cheapest thing available). I am sure this battle goes on all the time in the real world and it went down very well in our user group testing”.

Mrs Nice and Mr Cheap will now feature heavily in holidaynights email campaigns and Social Networking campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

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